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April 3, 2018

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How to prepare and get the most from your wedding photographer


Emmelina Stork is displaying some of her fabulous wedding photos in the hotel at the moment. She has kindly written a 3 part wedding photography blog exclusively for us and this is the second one in the series!


We asked Emmelina how you should get the most from your wedding photographer. Here is what she said:


Firstly, know what you want photographed. A short list is always useful to give to the photographer. Try not to make a long list of it because you don’t want the day to be about the set shots otherwise they may miss the things that are naturally occurring around them.


When I photograph a wedding I ask the couple the following:


  • Is there any gifts, jewellery, family remnants that you may have or be wearing on the day that I should be aware of?

  • During the ceremony, would you like me to stay hidden at the back and get the classic shot up the isle as to not disturb the special moment or would you like me to creep around and capture some close ups? Can I use flash if the lighting is poor? Bare in mind that whoever is conducting the ceremony may have their own rules.

  • Will their be anything decoration wise at the venue that you would like me to capture that is special to you or you/friend or family has taken time to do?

  • Would you like traditional or casual group photos at the wedding?

  • Is there anyone you would like to avoid photographing together? This can be parents separated who don’t get along or aunty Martha and Uncle John who seem to always be elbowing each other when passing etc etc you know what I mean.

  • If you would like parents separate or together, would you like their new partners to join in?

Without going to much in-depth there may be more you want to discuss on that front but these are usually are some of the main things to consider and will prompt you to think about what is important to you and your partner on your big day.


If I can help answer some more questions you might have please feel free to email me.








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