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April 3, 2018

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A right pain in the... Back!

April 4, 2016



We are so lucky at The Georgian to have a number of personal trainers on site to help our members become fitter, healthier and stronger.


Clare Seaborn runs a number of fitness classes at the hotel and is available for personal training sessions. The classes that Clare teaches focus on stability, core strength and posture within exercise.


Clare qualified in 2015 and is now training for her level 4 specialising in lower back pain - this is something she knows A LOT about, you could say she is something of an expert!


Back in 2012 she ran the marathon and moved house. 6 months later she was suffering badly from severe back pain. After a number of doctors appointments, numerous tests and scans she was eventually referred to an osteopath. It was at this time that she realised that for years she had been training hard but she hadn't been paying attention to how she was training. She was actually causing extreme damage to her body by not concentrating on her posture and position when training.


Over the next two years she built up her strength, focused on her core and used the correct techniques so that when she returned to see her doctor he was amazed at what she had achieved and how she had transformed her health.


Clare says 'Everyone can benefit from a personal training session - it is so important to learn the correct techniques. It's like learning to drive, you wouldn't expect to be able to do it properly after only reading a manual - so why should training be any different?'


Clare currently runs two classes at The Georgian on a Monday and Wednesday, they both have a large focus on technique and stretching.


Mondays class is 'On the ball' at 11.30am. This is a 1 hour circuit class that uses swiss balls, bosu balls and kettle bells to challenge instability, strengthen the core and provide an excellent work out.


Wednesdays class is 'Strength, Flexibility & Stretching' at 10am. It is a 50 minute class that focuses on the whole body and is similar in style to yoga and pilates using resistance bands.


If you would like to find out more about membership, classes or about personal training sessions please call us on 01428 656644.



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